The model behaviour from the UNEC students


The UNEC students shared their knowledge with the children without parental support.

The meeting organized by the Student Trade Union Committee of the International Economics School of UNEC was held on the initiative of the 1-st year students. The 1-st year students, the majority of which are the Presidential Scholars and have been awarded the special scholarship of  UNEC for entering the university with higher than 600 points , expressed their desire to share their knowledge and scholarship with the children without parental support on the occasion of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year. For this purpose, they visited the secondary general boarding school number 2 for the children without parental support.

 The students held the competition among the pupils in such subjects as mathematics, geography, literature, history, and music. The winners were presented the cup-prize and gifts.

The pupils, expressing their satisfaction with getting acquainted with the students, who had entered the university with high points, underscored their desire to become a  student in future with high entrance exam results, as well.  The UNEC students noted that, they were ready to give the pupils the recommendations for choosing the specialty and to present them their additional teaching aids.

The meeting continued  with the entertaining games.

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