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Chairman of the Student Trade  Union Committee  *   

Suleymanli Rufat Natig


Telephone: 492-27-48
e-mail:   rufat.suleymanli@unec.edu.az

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The model behaviour from the UNEC students (18.12.2017)
“National Flag Day” at UNEC

5th Reporting-election Conference of UNEC’s Student Trade Union Committee
Winner of “The Young Star of UNEC” (26.05.2017)
Tennis Championship held in the Russian School of Economics of UNEC (22.05.2017)
Selection round of “The Young Star of UNEC” completes (10.05.2017)
Selection for “The Young Star of UNEC” ends (02.05.2017)

Graduate and Undergraduate Students of UNEC gain ATUC’s Scholarship (17.03.2017)
Interuniversity Intellect Winners – UNEC Students (02.02.2017)

UNEC TUC awards the Activists of the Year (26.12.2016)

An Interdisciplinary Chess Tournament is over (19.12.2016)
A Commemorative Event in the Russian School of Economics of UNEC (12.12.2016)
Discounted Books for UNEC Students (06.12.2016)
An Intellectual Rivalry held among the Schools (05.12.2016)

An Intellectual Competition held at UNEC (29.11.2016)
Meeting with the Students distinguished with Scientific Activities in the Russian School of Economics (28.11.2016)
Final Stage of Interdisciplinary Football Tournament ended (21.11.2016)
UNEC Students visited the National Hero’s Family (10.11.2016)
The Flag Day celebrated at UNEC (07.11.2016)
Students of the School of Technology and Design competed intellectually (07.11.2016)
An Intellectual Competition held in the School of Business and Management (31.10.2016)
Intellectual Struggle among the SABAH Student of UNEC (31.10.2016)
The Intellectual Struggle at the School of Finance and Accounting (24.10.2016)
A “Conversation Club” established under the School of Economics (19.10.2016)
The New Season of Intellectual Competition starts (17.10.2016)
The Intellectual Battle at the International School of Economics (10.10.2016)

UNEC Students visited the Museum of “Glory” (26.05.2016)
UNEC tələbələri Qubada 
The Final of the Bowling Championship held among the Students of UNEC (18.05.2016)
UNEC Family: “Let’s get acquainted” (16.05.2016)
Winners of Chess Tournament (13.05.2016)
Intellectual Competition “What? Where? When?” held among UNEC Students (11.04.2016)
The youth should get involved in our history (30.03.2016)
UNEC Students has won the Gold Medal of the Intellectual Competition (25.12.2015)
Chess Tournament among the Faculties of UNEC finished (14.12.2015)


Information about the UNEC Student Trade Union Committee

Student Trade Union Committee of the Azerbaijan State Economic University was established in 1974.

Student Trade Union Committee consists of 23 committee members, 3 deputy-chairmen, 11 bureau chairmen from faculty trade union of students and 4 commission (mass cultural, scientific, sports, health, training and educational events). At the moment, the organization is combining 10738 students.

Student Trade Union Committee carries out the following activities: develop the students by involving them to the social activities of the university, solve social problems of students, provide students with dormitories, provide financial assistance to the students in need, extend their class attendance, involve them to the research works, identify the talented students, reward union activists who differ in social and scientific activities, organize training and education of the students, their leisure time and summer holidays.


Azerbaijan State Economic University’s Student Trade Union Committee is the state registered organization that carries out its activity at the University and combines bachelors and masters.


 UNEC STUC’s organizational activity is set up on the democratic principles:

- Integrity of opinions and equality of rights;
– Respect to the opinion of every member of STUC;
– Fully and independently use the right of the self-management of the first organizations;
– Every student of UNEC who accepts the charter of UNEC STUC can become the member of the committee. Admission to STUC is made on the basis of the personal application and decision of the first organizations.

 UNEC STUC arranges different mass-cultural, sports competitions within the university to organize the spare time of the students in effective form and holds different knowledge competitions to increase the intellectual level of students.

UNEC STUC member has the following rights:

- To choose the governing bodies and to be chosen for the governing bodies of the committee;
– Independent participation in the discussions of the matters about committee activity;
– To participate at the events held by the committee.

UNEC STUC is also closely deals with the social questions of the students. Organization provides material support to the students in different ways. It arranges the recreation of the students in the camps during summer holidays.

Conference is the higher supreme organ of UNEC STUC. It is held once two and a half years. An extraordinary conference can be held by the decision of STUC based on the request of the 2/3 part of the members, if needed.

The Committee conducts scientific-practical conferences devoted to the significant historical days in order to increase the scientific worldview of students.

UNEC STUC cooperates with the progressive youth unions and public organizations of the world in international level and tends for further development of these relations.

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