A Patriotic Event held at UNEC under the motto “April Battles are our Glorious Victory”


Meeting with a group of military servants who participate in April fights have taken place at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on December 28.

Memory of the martyrs sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity, independence of Azerbaijan were honored with a minute’s silence within the event held under the slogan “April Battles are our Glorious Victory”. The national anthem was sounded.

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov noted 2016, the year of 25th jubilee of our national independence, is being seen off with the progress achieved in socio-political, socio-economic, as well as army building as a result of a deliberate policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Mr. Ilham Aliyev: “As our Commander in Chief notes, the April fights demonstrated the power of our state and army, our people’s unity, solidarity and patriotism to the entire world. Today, the Azerbaijani army is the strongest army in the region”.

Rector spoke about the faculties’ and students’ trips to frontline regions within UNEC’s cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. He said UNEC family is ready for liberation of our lands to the Supreme Commander’s order at any moment.

Honored Art Figure, Colonel Abdulla Gurbani introduced to participants soldiers and officers, war veterans and families of martyrs invited to the event. Former military commander who lost his right leg and got several wounds in fight for Lalatapa, Lieutenant-Colonel awarded “For Motherland” medal Elshan Garayev, Deputy Military Commander on Work with staff, Lieutenant-Colonel awarded “Courage” medal Seymur Habibullayev, Azerbaijan’s National Hero, martyr Aliyar Aliyev’s son Major Emin Aliyev, the battery commander who destroyed about 10 enemy tanks, armed vehicles and automobiles, awarded the third degree order for “Services to Motherland”, Captain Mirdamat Baghiyev, the tank commander who gave enemy heavy losses of equipment and manpower, Chief Warrant Officer Pasha Mehdiyev, one of brave fighters, Lieutenant Vusal Ibrahimov, military servant extended his military service Teymur Aliyev and others delivered the information about the April fights to UNEC students and answered their questions.

The April martyr, Ruhin Gahramanov’s father Ashraf Gafarov spoke about his son’s valor. He said his both sons fought in the trenches adjacent to war in April. His younger son Ruhin was heroically killed, but his elder son continues his military service on the front line up to date: “My both sons were awarded the medal “Courage”. The martyr’s father who came to event with son’s portrait and the flag laid on Ruhin’s funeral expressed confidence for the flag to be raised in other occupied territories. The military servant Gahraman Gahramanov who was invited to the event expressed proud for his brother’s heroism.

Senior Lieutenant, martyr Ziya Hasanov’s father Niyazi Hasanov expressed gratitude to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the administration of the Ministry of Defense for the care rendered to their families.

People’s Artist Samir Jafarov performed a heroic song “Lalatapa Conquerors”. Members of UNEC’s Creativity Center Aslan Azimzade sounded the poetry “Azerbaijani Soldier” and Igbal Bayramov “Flag” within the event.

A letter of congratulation on the occasion of December 31- the World Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity and New Year to Azerbaijani soldier written by UNEC administration and staff has been read at the end of the event.

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