Azerbaijan State University of Economics Student’s Interview to the “Azerbaijan Teacher” newspaper

08 JUNE 2015 | VIEWS:

Azerbaijan State University of Economics student Fagan Chelebizade was interviewed for the newspaper “Azerbaijan Teacher”.

Fagan Chelebizade was born on June 3 1996 in Guba. He studied at school №3 of Guba. He is a second year undergraduate of the School of Informatics and Management. Recently, his start- up project “Test Yourself” Project was awarded second place in the National Internet Competition NETTY traditionally held by the and supported by the Ministries of Communication and Higher Technologies and Culture and Tourism. “Test Yourself” online testing portal applied in Azerbaijan State University of Economics aims to detect and develop user’s intellectual potential. We try to build our conversation with Fagan Chelebizade by means of the first question about the necessity of creating a portal:

  • I felt myself very stressful and intense during the exams in the first course. The way out was to test myself before the exam. I created a trial testing for myself. It was a less functional amateur site. It had two buttons- test and complete. As a result my tension of the exam passed. As I didn’t fail these trial testing I felt self- confident and get best results. My sister also studies at ASUE. I added my sister’s examination questions to the base and she began to benefit, too. I also informed my group- mates, as I supposed it useful; they also tried it. Soon, the news spread f our entire faculty. Upper course students asked me to add their questions to base too. But it became a bit complicated, because there were too many questions.

In the meantime, my group- mate’s father, Head of the Department Civil Defense of ASUE Elchin Aliyev saw his son use the portal. He liked the project and offered me to improve the site so that all students could use it. I applied the University Innovative Business Incubator with my start- up project. I began to work in the end of the first course.

  • How much does it take to create the site?
  • It wasn’t easy. I ought to develop a perfect site to be used by the entire university. So it took me very long time. The beta version was ready after five month’s work.
  • Was it free to use the site initially?
  • Yes, it was. It was initially free. To say the truth, we weren’t ready to make it chargeable. We tried to make it chargeable and see if it is used.
  • What was the result?
  • The number of users was unexpected. Initially over 350 thousands exams were passed. The site was overcrowded with users, so that there were some problems. Even, once the site stopped to perform at 03 am midnight and I received 60- 70 calls to my phone. Soon we eliminated the problem and now the site works without any problem. It became chargeable since February 19.
  • How much should the students pay to test themselves?
  • 0,20 AZN. We charged little amount; we wanted everyone to be able to use. We aim to be useful. At the same time, the project should bring revenue to be improved. For example, at the first stage, a 2, 3 and 4 year students could use the portal. But now, entrants can also use the portal.
  • Can you inform us about it in detail?
  • The applicants of the 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups (in Azerbaijani and Russian) can use the portal. We added their examination questions to our site too.
  • Who else can the portal be used?
  • We are working on it to be used by the graduate students.
  • Did you get offers from other universities?
  • Yes, there are some offers. But, we should meet their university administration and ask them to permit us to place their questions on the portal.
  • Your second project after the “Test Yourself” is an Electronic Appeal.
  • The idea of an Electronic Appeal grew when I thought to solve my own problem. I failed the exam with 1 point when I was a first- year student. I decided to appeal. I study at the IV training building of the university. I should go to the main training building to appeal. I did so, but it was dinner time. After an hour wait, they said you should have applied the other day after the exam. I came the other day, my turn was 15 and it took me an hour to wait. Waiting for my turn I thought it would be better to appeal online and to learn your results; it would help us to save the time. I started to work immediately. The prepared sample was appreciated. was ready in a short period’s time. I did it for students’ comfort.
  • You developed two big projects. Don’t you have difficulties with your exams?
  • I have no fails; even I have enough good marks. I shall try to be an excellent student the next term. It is impossible to establish the “Test Yourself” project and study bad. My group- mates say that, they are getting prepared for the exams with “Test Yourself”. I am also getting prepared when I install the tests to the base.
  • Are you working on a new project?
  • My next project will be useful not only for ASUE students but also for a lot of users. I must stress that the project arose after some problems. I provided a survey, took into consideration the user’s desires and as a result I am working on a project.
  • I think you get interesting job offers after the kind of successful projects.
  • Yes, I do. Recently, I was awarded a certificate of the company “Ultra Technologies” for my initiative in the education sector and the award NETTY 2015. I was also awarded a “Green Certificate” of the company “Ultra Technologies” which creates me the opportunity to get a job in a company without interviewing for my successful beginning at IBI with start-up project.

Newspaper “Azerbaijan Teacher”
Rufana Gunesh

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