Next Info Tour: AYAN LTD


The information tours of the teaching and student staffs of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) to corporate sector are in progress. UNEC teachers and students became familiar with the enterprises of “AYAN LTD” on November 6.

The manager of the company informed them about the history and career opportunities of the company in detail. The production lines and modern laboratories were also demonstrated. Students acquainted with the verification of the company’s products, their designing and packaging.

Teaching and student staffs’ questions were responded at the end and they were presented special gifts by the company.

Note: The information tours to the corporate sector aims to be acquainted with the leading companies of the republic, to get informed about their career opportunities and modern technologies. The tours will be organized until the end of the academic year. The teaching and student staffs will have a chance of becoming closely familiar with the other prestigious companies.

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