Head of the Department “Design” PhD. in Phil., Assosiate Professor Gasimova Elfana Nasimi

Address: Baku, H.Aliyev str. 135 (II academic building)
Telephone: +(994)12 564-37-89

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About the department

“Design” department was established in January of 1999.

Undergraduate and graduate training in Artistic Design of Textiles and Light Industry commodities (design) and Construction of Sewing Products are performed in the department.

15 disciplines on undergraduate level and 9 disciplines on graduate level are taught here. Each subject is provided with curricula and training facilities.

2 monographs, 17 textbooks, 3 teaching manuals, 28 training programs, 4 methodological instructions, 65 articles and 33 theses were published by the employees of the department within 2001-2010.

Research on “Analysis of the application of design elements in the textile and light industries” is carried out on the general topic of “Analysis of design elements used in textiles and light industry”.

Employees of the Department continue their investigations for the production of delicate and tasteful production of goods that meet the requirements of time keeping close relation with the enterprises, organizations, firms and so on:

  • Recommendations are made for the effective application of design elements in the production of products relevant to the taste of the society, depending on the direction of modern fashion.
  • Currently, there is close contact with the leadership of the textile and light industry enterprises operating in the Republic;
  • Dissertation topics of specialists who continue their education in the graduate level are related to scientific research topics carried out in the department;
  • Based on the results of scientific research, recommendations were made for the elimination of deficiencies based on the analysis of the technological conditions of the products being manufactured;
  • Contact with the leading enterprises, firms, workshops and other production areas of the Republic are maintained; meetings with the technical staff are held, discussions and suggestions are being organized all year round.

The scientific research carried out by the staff of the department in decorating them with design elements in the republic, and improving the quality of the product is of great importance both from the theoretical and practical point of view. The results obtained within the framework of state budget research work have been presented to the Baku Sewing House OJSC, the main base of the department.

The international relations of the department are wide. It keeps close relations with Gazi University of Turkey (Ankara), Ege University in Izmir, Pamukkale University in Denizli, as well as Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Kiev State Light Industry Technology University. Active cooperation relations with the Azerbaijan Fashion Association have been established.


  • 050321 “Design”
  • 050643 “Engineering of FMC technology”

Educational laboratories

  • ”Design” exhibition hall;
  • ” Manufacturing technology and construction of sewing products”;
  • ”Baku sewing house” Open Joint Stock Company.


Main publications:

  • Construction of products made of leather (“Chashioghlu” E., “Maarif” publishing house, Azerbaijan Republic, 1996 (textbook)).
  • The principles of modeling and construction of clothes (B., ASEU publishing house 2004 (textbook)).
  • Organization of customs expertise (G., AANE publishing house 2004 (textbook)).
  • Projecting of sewing factories (BSU publishing house B., 2008 (training aids)).
  • Construction of clothes with ALS (printing-house of AMU, B., 2009 textbook (I-part), textbook).
  • Design advertisement (Translation of textbook from Russian language, B., ASEU, 2010).
  • Construction of clothes with ALS (printing-house of ASEU. Training aids for conducting of training lessons, B., 2010).


The  Academic Staff: