Meeting with the Students distinguished with Scientific Activities in the Russian School of Economics

A meeting with the students distinguished with their scientific activities has been held at the Russian School of Economics of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). Director of the Russian School of Economics Mansur Barkhudarov emphasized the students’ scientific and intellectual potential is high.

8 students who passed scientific internship in the “Higher School of Economics” of the National Research University of Russia shared their impressions of the trip within the event. Then the students who completed their industrial internship in Saint Petersburg branches of the banks “VTB 24’ and “MBA-Moscow” made speeches. They stressed that along with obtaining high practical experience, they were closely acquainted with the banks in progress.

Winners of the scientific articles competition on “Socio-economic Growth in Azerbaijan: Achievements and Perspectives” dedicated to the World Science Day held at UNEC within the “Science Month” were introduced to students. The Russian School of Economics Students’ activity in the competition of scientific articles was evaluated highly.


In addition, the winner team of the tournament on the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” held by UNEC’s Student Trade Union Committee was awarded a Cup. M.Barkhudarov urged the students of the Russian School of Economics to be active in all scientific and intellectual events and rivalries held in the country.

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