UNEC was represented in the International Education Summit and Exhibition

27 MARCH 2017 | VIEWS:

UNEC was represented in the International Education Summit and Exhibition organized by the Eurasian Universities Union in Istanbul. Heads of UNEC’s International Relations Department, UNEC Business School and International Graduate and Doctorate Center participated in the influential event.

Besides Azerbaijan, in total more than 2000 representatives of higher education institutions and education agencies from 53 countries including Turkey, the US, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Brazil, Spain, Iran, the Republic of Northern Cyprus, China and Qatar joined three- day International Education Summit and Exhibition. The main objective of the Education Summit which was arranged for the first time last year, is the exchange of education opportunities provided in the Eurasian region.

Head of the Eurasian Universities Union and Rector of Istanbul Aydin University Dr. Mustafa Aydin, Education Minister of Turkey Dr. Ismet Yilmaz, Education Minister of the Northern Cyprus Republic Ozdemir Berov, Deputy Council of Higher Education, Professor Hasan Mandal, Head of Foreign Economic Relations Omer Jihad, Candidate of the Secretary General of UNESCO Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kavari and the former Minister of Culture, Art and Cultural Heritage noted within the opening ceremony that the 3rd Education Summit and Education Exhibition was a significant platform in terms of exchange of education opportunities of the Eurasian region. In addition, they stressed the quality of education as the main goal and the necessity of the development of technological opportunities and teaching facilities.

UNEC representatives provided the visitors of the exhibition with the information about the education services of the education institution, international relations, dual diploma programs in detail and distributed leaflets and information booklets on the UNEC stand “Study in Azerbaijan”. The attendees met the information about UNEC with interest.

UNEC staff also held meetings with the representatives of other higher education institutions, as well as with the Council of Higher Education of Turkey, Campus France and different agencies. Besides informing them about the achievements gained by UNEC recently, they exchanged views on dual diploma programs and joint degree programs, the issues of attracting international students and arrangement of joint summer and winter schools.

UNEC’s delegation distinguished with their active participation in the discussions followed by panel meetings.

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