The training at UNEC on publication of scientific research works in the international scientific magazines

24 JANUARY 2018 | VIEWS:

The UNEC has hosted the training seminar on the topic “The mechanism for publishing of the major outcomes of Scientific Research works in the International Authorized Scierntific Editions”.

The head of the Science Department, professor Zahid Mammadov delivered the speech on the topic “The modern universities in the field of scientific research: the challenges and real opportunities”. The professor spoke about the application of the new technologoes in the higher education, the role and importance of European standards, dual eduacation programs in ensuring the quality of edication. He , also assessed the innovation as an important factor in realising the unity of science and education in accordance with the new requirements. Speaking about the importance of the integration into the world science, the UNEC professor noted “For this reason, the scientific researches should be of world level”.

The representative of the “Clarivate Analytics” in Azerbaijan , the expert in the scientific information resources Aygun Babazadeh spoke about the “Pseudo-science:  the ways of  identifiying the the predatory magazines and getting insured from them”.  She spoke about the existing  problems relating to publishing the articles in the international scientific magazines, gave the detailed information about the “predatory” magazines, which became the new cybercrime tool in the recent years, and clarified the criteria for identifying those magazines.

In the training , the editor-in-chief of the international magazine “Applied and Computational Mathematics” (2002-2017), the professor Yusif Gasimov told about the rules for the publication of manuscripts in scientific editions, including the job responsibilites of editors and residents in the international influential magazines.

The deputy director of the Institute for the Scientific Research of the Ministry of Economy, professor Arzu Huseynova informed the participants of the training about the acceptance of the articles inthe influential international scientific magazines, the guidelines for using the scientific literature and gave the information about the scientific references. He drew attention to the requirements set out for the articles publishing in the international magazines and pointed out the importance of publishing the scientific works in the reference index magazines.

The Chief Executive Director of the “Caspian European Club”, the member of the Board of Lawyers Mustafa Abbasbeyli gave the detailed information to the participants about  “The legal and ethical rules in the publication of scientific results: revealing the facts of violations and measures taken against them”.

At the end of the training the participants were presented the certificates.

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