Cooperation between UNEC and ATU is successfully in progress

10 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:


Director of UNEC’s Science Department, Professor Zahid Mammadov met with the academic staff of Azerbaijan Technological University (ATU).

Z.Mammadov made a speech on “The Synthesis of Science and Education: Global Experience and Current Trends” during the meeting held within the contract of cooperation signed between UNEC and ATU. UNEC Professor spoke about the basic principle differences that emerge in the scientific and educational approaches of classical and contemporary higher education institutions. He brought to attention that the higher education institutions should provide wide coverage in the direction of scientific research. Speaking about the significance of the fact that the Azerbaijani research fellows publish their articles in international publications, Zahid Mammadov shared his views on the ways to establish ties with the most prestigious sources in this area and its benefits.

Afterwards, Zahid Mammadov delivered the information about the Differential Salary System started to be applied at UNEC in the assessment of the academic staff’s performances, the efficiency of the new method and brought to attention its application for other universities too.

Broad exchanges of views were made around the considerations made by UNEC Professor.

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