UNEC Teachers in line with the world’s leading research fellows

16 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

The last issue of the prestigious journal “Outre-Terre Revue française de géopolitique” published in France was dedicated to the Eurasian region. UNEC teachers’ scientific works have also been posted on the journal where the world scholars’ and research fellows’ articles are issued.

Teaching staff of UNEC Department of Economics and Business Administration, PhD in International Relations Nazim Jafarov’s article on “Geo-cultural Factors in Azerbaijan-Russian Relations”, teaching staff of UNEC Department of Economics and Business Administration Araz Aslanli’s work on “Azerbaijan’s Energy Strategy” and the joint article written by Araz Aslanli and the Deputy Director the Analytic Information Department of the Parliamentary Office, Dr Hatem Jabbarli on “Turkey-Azerbaijan: Ideological Ties or Strategic Relations” were brought out on the influential international publication.

General structure of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy, in particular the principles of energy policy, the relations with neighboring countries, especially Turkey and Russia were analyzed in Azerbaijani researchers’ works and considerations for the future were kept on.

The Editor- in- chief of the journal “Outre-Terre Revue française de géopolitique” is a Professor of Paris Sorbonne Michel Korinman.

Get acquainted with the articles here:





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