UNEC professor at the all-Russian Economic forum


The head of the Science Department of UNEC, the professor  Zahid Mammadov attended the all-Russian Economic Forum  held in the State Kremlin Palace, in Moscow.

In the event , organized by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation along with the the represenatatives of the Russain government, business and science  participated  the representatives of the foreign universities and the embassies of the countries, as well.

Within the framework of the forum, the UNEC professor met with the representatives of  a number of influential scientific organizations and universities. In the meeing Z.Mammadov gave the detailed information on the international relations and the coopertaion with the influential scientific organizations of UNEC. He spoke about the activity of the Union of Turkish World Economists established by the initiative of UNEC.

In the discussions held in the sphere of science and education, the opportunities of coopertion between the Russian Free Economists Community and   the Union of Turkish World Economists were touched upon. It was noted that, the mutual coopertaion could create the new opportunities for the development of the science and education of economy in both countriues.  In the meeting the Russian Free Economists Community said that, the new library, that would be created at UNEC, would support to the provision of manuals and monographs in the sphere of economics.

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