Another opportunity for students from Coursera courses

23 JUNE 2020 | VIEWS:


On March 25, UNEC joined the Coursera for Campus support program and 2,600 UNEC students took advantage of the opportunities presented.

Within the framework of the program, students listened to 124,686 lessons on 708 courses. In total, 1,778 UNEC students successfully completed the course and received 5,546 certificates.

It is gratifying that a letter of thanks was received from Coursera to the university administration for the high activity of UNEC students in the program.

The transition to distance education makes the integration of mass open online courses into the educational process inevitable. The continuation of the pandemic is also an opportunity to devote more time to self-development activities. Taking all this into account, as well as the forthcoming summer holidays, as a positive result of negotiations with Coursera, the number of 2,600 licenses allocated to UNEC was increased up to 5,000 and the 5-course selection limit for each license was removed. Anyone who obtains a license can take an unlimited number of courses until June 30. Courses must be completed by September 1. There is no charge for certificates earned under the support program.

Those who do not have a license can apply via the  link.

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