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UNEC student Fagan Chelebizade’s interview

Azerbaijan State University of Economics’ (UNEC) students are able to determine if they are ready to take the exam in advance for almost some months. They use the “Test Yourself” project established at the university. Students clarify what marks they will get by testing themselves via the program. According to the fins. az either students or the university administration are satisfied with the innovation. It is also beneficial business.

Smart student who makes money from stress

The “Test Yourself” online examination project’s author is a second- year undergraduate student of UNEC Fagan Chelebizade. Fagan who came from Guba is studying at the School of Informatics and Management on the major Information technologies and Systems Engineering. He says the idea of setting up the trial testing came on its own: “I’m also a student, when you go to exam without the trial you are stressed. So I decided to set up the kind of testing to determine the level of your preparedness”.

80% of students test themselves

New system had been installed since last summer. A separate web- page was established for it. Some months were spent to downloading the site’s tests. Finally, online trial testing went into operation since January. UNEC’s students welcomed the novelty enthusiastically. The number of users has reached to 300 thousand beginning with the first few weeks.

Each student pays 20 qapik (0, 20 AZN)

“Test Yourself” system is a business that brings good money. Fagan said the students used the system free of charge before the payment system was put into operation. But it is chargeable now. It is not much expensive- 20 qapik. The payment for the system didn’t reduce the interest to it. Currently 80% of the students take online testing before the session. According to the survey, every student tests him/herself for 7-8 times.

 The university administration supported me

The university administration was also satisfied with the project “Test Yourself”. Moreover, the biggest assistance for the idea came from the university admin. UNEC Rector Adalat Muradov has personally helped to solve its problems. Thus, the questions and their answers had been provided for the testing and the issue of its joining to payment system has been resolved.

Users’ number exceeded 23 thousand

The project is not limited with Azerbaijan State University of Economics. The entrants’ trial testing also became available here. Now 10th- 11th grade students can also test themselves. Currently, we are developing the system to make it available for all users of the country; payment system is also being eased. By the way, payment system works with an interesting condition. A person who begins for the first time does not make a payment: “We want him/her to become familiar with the project and its quality. In case of the repeat use he will pay”, i.e. one should make a payment for the second testing.

Other universities, public service, IELTS, TOEFL and so on

At present, Fagan is working on the other fields to join the project. He says the negotiations are being held to join the other universities to the project. He is also getting ready to add the system public service examination, IELTS, TOEFL, graduate program examinations. It should be noted the site could also be suitable for all platforms and available in all mobile phones.

I will create the new social network

Information society has also evaluated the project “Test Yourself”. The project became the 2nd on the nomination “Science and education” during the last competition “Net”. Fagan who studies in Information Technologies and Systems Engineering says that he has already found want he looked for: “I will be engaged in the kind of projects, after this”. There are two more projects. One will be the different social network: “But I cannot talk about the second, it’s a secret”.

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