The head of the center is Jabbarov Ramil Shahin

Contact tel: +(994) 12 492-67-95
mob:  055-742-10-22

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About the center

The Digital Marketing Center was established by the decision of the UNEC Scientific Council on 28.04.2017 and the order dated 23.06.2017. From 11.10.2017, the Head of Digital Marketing was entrusted to Ramil Jabbarov, the assistant to the rector, the lector  of “Marketing” department.

The mission of the UNEC Digital Marketing Center established at Azerbaijan State University of   Economics is to provide support with up-to-date market research and innovative methods to new opportunities created in the field of export. With the support of the Center, non-oil exports companies conduct operational, reliable and specifications of foreign markets through digital marketing saving operational time and financial costs and deliver a communications message that impacts the target segment acquisition process. Therefore, the center considers establishing cooperation with exporters and associations operating in Azerbaijan and providing them effective digital marketing services as a priority.

Thanks to digital marketing, companies will be able to effectively promote their brand and product in overseas markets without leaving their destination, and to reach out to more potential customers. It is also possible to track the volatility of foreign markets in the virtual world and ensure compliance at the company level, which will in turn minimize traditional risks. It is also very important for export companies to keep digital marketing on the agenda, monitor every change in the virtual world and adapt their products and services accordingly. UNEC Digital Marketing Center will conduct research on the entire digital world of Azerbaijan and prepare periodic reports, which in turn will be an important source for entrepreneurs’ strategic steps. The reports will include changes in social media, emerging trends, the behavioral characteristics of the community, the tendency for innovation, effective communication with the target segment, online advertising planning, rating information and other effective information.

Evaluation of companies’ Web Resource Expertise, increasing opportunities for social media marketing, setting up specific advertising strategies on global search sites are also   included in the diagnostic functions of the Digital Marketing Center. When analyzing the dynamics of access to more than 3 billion global internet users from Google, Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Instagram and other social media, it can be clearly seen that the digital world is an invaluable tool for export. Social media, where consumers spend more time, is always on the agenda as an effective communication line.

The main purpose of digital media and content advertising is to focus on the key customer segment. In this sense, the study of consumer needs that focuses on digital marketing will be a source of information for both the protection of supply and the steps to be taken in the future.

The Center will constantly collaborate with international digital marketing associations and organizations to conduct international research, study foreign experience, track innovation in the field and report on global reporting.

Digital Marketing Center is also committed to building human resources in this area. Thus, it is planned to create country representations of world-class certification and examination centers on digital marketing. This, in turn, will create incentives for career advancement for digital marketing people, as well as potential job opportunities for beginners.

The rapid development of the digital marketing industry requires the pursuit of new trends. In this regard, online meetings of world-class experts will be invaluable in helping the center team gain new knowledge.

UNEC has supported the worldwide startup movement, and for the first time in 2014, an Innovative Business Incubator was established in Azerbaijan. The staff of the Digital Marketing Center will support the startups in responding to the challenges they face in the digital environment, assessing opportunities, avoiding risks and, most importantly, building the right strategy.

The center will carry out interactive work with students as well as teachers. The faculty will be introduced to the digital world, and the factors of effective use and utilization. In other words, it will serve as a bridge between the academic staff and the digital world. As a result, the increased activity of university staff in the virtual world will lead to more effective results from the marketing prism of university promotion.

Activities of the Center

*Prepares periodic reports on Azerbaijan’s digital marketing market
*Performs digital research of foreign markets for Azerbaijani exporters
*Conducts research in the field of Big Data
*Microsoft proposes the establishment of a digital marketing lab in partnership with Azerbaijan
*Collaborates with the Global Digital Marketing Association
*Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) is the official representative of the Examination Center
*Collaborates with Digital Marketing Institute
*Conducts digital diagnostics based on order
*Organizes online webinars of foreign experts
*Organization of trainings and seminars by experts in this field
*Provides training in Social Media Marketing
*Google AdWords and Google AdSense organize online certification exams for digital marketing
*Microsoft in Education holds certification exams for teachers and students
*Forms a research team on Google Analytics
*Trains Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram to manage social networking and effective advertising activities
*Website m anagement conducts digital surveys to help users stay on site
*UNEC provides digital marketing support to startups
*Organizes a meeting of digital marketing specialists
*Encourages blogging among students
*Once a year the Digital Marketing Forum is organized
*Prepares offers on e-commerce

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