“When we say the University of Economics we think about UNEC brand bring forward student satisfaction”

24 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

The representatives of the Media Holding “Ses” (Voice) including the newspaper, agency and television of the same name got familiar with the progress of the Winter Exam Session of UNEC. Executive Director of Information Agency “Ses” Veli Veliyev, Deputy Chief Editor of the Newspaper “Ses” Fatulla Hasanov and editor of the SES TV Jabir Mammadov spoke to students and were interested in problems faced within the session after they followed the exam process held in written and testing methods. Some of the students suggested holding exams in written: “We think it will help us to express our opinion better in the future in our working life. Written exams support the development of logical thinking. We have witnessed it in the example of our friend we study in Turkish and English, at the same time in SABAH Groups.

Members of media who became familiar with the performances of the “Headquarters” were informed that along with the immediate investigation of all the appeals the frequently asked questions and responds are placed in the social networking in the form of videos: “In addition students’ questions are answered via Facebook too”.

In addition to exams, members of media also attended the classes of the students who study part-time in Distance, Part-time and Secondary Education Center. Calling at the Financial and Economic College under UNEC, journalists acquainted with the condition created here and the book fund. They followed the test form of exams and spoke to students. Students highlighted that they had no difficulties in getting prepared to exams: “We were presented the answers together with questions in advance. And we had enough time to get prepared”.

The public observers were informed that the exams in the Financial and Economic College are for the first time held with test method in a centralized form. They followed the activities of the Appeal, Working- control Commissions and “Headquarters”.

Executive Director of the Information Agency “Ses” Veli Veliyev spoke about the innovations implemented at UNEC recently: “We are proud that today when we say the University of Economics we think about the UNEC brand that provide modern education services, bring forward student satisfaction, implement dual diploma programs with the famous universities of the world and is ranked in international rating lists. This is one of the achievements gained by Azerbaijani education system”.

The representatives of the Media Holding “Ses” were the guests of the program “UNEC Exam” presented by the Director of the Marketing and Communication Department Rasim Sharifov on the air of Radio UNEC. The members of media shared their impressions speaking about their observations.

We introduce the audio track of the program:

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