Head of the Department: Prof. Ahmadov Natig Garakishi

Address: Baku, Abbas Sahhat str, 45a (IV academic building)
Telephone: +(994) 12 541-56-93; 440-79-85

e-mail: natig_ahmadov@unec.edu.az 


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About the department

In order to ensure the implementation of the decision of the UNEC Scientific Council on 09.10.2019, No. EN-167, from 03.02.2020, the department of “Mathematics” and “Statistics and Econometrics” were united and the department of “Mathematics and Statistics” was formed. 

History of the department of “Mathematics” as an independent department begins in 1966. However, mathematics has always been taught in the department of Physics and Mathematics since the 1930s of XX century. This process continued in the 1940-1950s too. Only in 1966, when AINE  began to operate  as an independent higher school, the department of “Mathematics” also entered the period of independence.

From the first years of activity of the department, prominent Azerbaijani mathematicians Corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Goshgar Ahmadli, Jalal Allahverdiyev, Arif Babayev, prof.  Shamil Habibzadeh worked here.

Since 1966  the department of  “Mathematics” has been headed by  prof. Tofik Karimov (1966-1977), prof. Adelaida Babayeva (1977-1987), prof. Hamlet Isaxanli (1987-1991), prof. Nazim Musayev (1991-2009), Prof. Mustafa Garayev (2009-2016).

The following subjects are taught at the Department of Mathematics:

  • Mathematical analysis (general course);
  • Mathematics for economists (linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics);
  • Elementary Mathematics (in preparatory department);
  • Applied mathematics.

Employees of the department published textbooks, manuals, programs, lectures. In order to increase students’ choice opportunities, textbooks of several foreign authors (V.I.Malikhin’s “Mathematics in Economics”, E.M Chetirkin’s “Financial Mathematics”) have been translated into Azerbaijani. The translated textbooks are textbooks of leading Russian universities.

         Disciplines taught at the department:

    • Higher mathematics
    • Probability theory
    • Mathematical statistics
    • Main publications:


    1) Musayev N., Gulmammadov V. “Higher mathematics”. 2 part, azerb. and in Russian
    2) Almammadov M., Garayev M., Mikayilov N., Guluzade T. “Problems and sums from higher mathematics” 2010
    3) Garayev M., Muhbaliyev S., Guluzade T. “Probability theory and mathematical statistics for economists” 2008
    4) Almammedov M., “Lectures on Higher Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics”. 2009
    5) Garayev M., Guluzade T., Yusifova K. “Financial Mathematics” (Russian translation) 2010
    6) Garayev M., Guluzade T. Mathematics II. Problems, software and test examples 2012
    7) Garayev M., Musayev N., Guluzade T., Mathematics I, Program and test examples 2011
    8) Garayev M., Musayev N., Guluzade T. Mathematics II, Program and test examples 2011

    On 19.09.2017 the UNEC Department of Econometrics was abolished and merged with the department of Statistics. The department of Statistics was renamed and called  the department of Statistics and Econometrics. 

    Statistics. Although in the 30s of the twentieth century, the specialty of Statistics operated within the department of “General economics”, in 1949, the independent department of Statistics was  established.

    In 1949-1959  the department of Statistics was headed by Can.of Econ. Grigori Issakovich Gonzarski. At different times Statistics was taught by famous economists  such as, Alibey Sultanov, Alakbar Guliyev, Shirzad Safarov, Hajibaba Ramazanov, Soltan Alakbarov, Ali Kazimov, Nagy Nagizadeh, Said Agamirzayev in the department. In fact, they have laid the foundation for statistical work in the republic.

    In 1959, after AINE joined  ASUE, the specialty of Statistics was merged with the department of “Planning and Economics of the National Economy”, and in 1964, the Statistics Department was reorganized into a separate department, and since 1966 it  continued its activities in ANIE.

    In different years the department  of “Statistics” was headed by  prof. S.M. Hajiyev (1964-1969), Assoc. Prof. G. H Mammadov (1969-1974), Assoc.Prof. R.S. Seyidov (1974-1979), Assoc.Prof.  O.I. Ibrahimov (1971-1988), Associate professor R.Sh. Mammadov (1988-1993), Associate professor. S.G.Aliyev (1994-2000). Since 2000, the department was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor, Sakit Mammad Yaqubov.

    Formation of the statistical school in Azerbaijan,   theoretical and methodological and practical aspects of statistics were formed in accordance with the needs of the planned economy in the Soviet period. The fundamental changes in the socio-economic life of Azerbaijan since independence have made it necessary to bring the statistics in line with international standards. Currently, the State Statistical Institutions and the only Department of  Statistics  are working on the formation of Azerbaijan’s statistical service based on international standards.

    Formation of the national economy on the basis of market principles made it necessary to carry out complex measures before the statistical service. For this purpose, the concept of strengthening the statistical system in the Republic of Azerbaijan was developed. On 18 February 1994, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Official Statistics was adopted,  Regulation of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved by the Presidential Decree No. 115 dated June 24, 2009. The goal here is to provide public authorities, social and economic entities, academic community, broad public, international organizations and other consumers with accurate and qualitative (representative) information about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation across the country.

    The activity concept of the Department of Statistics, based on these principles, covers the following priority areas: 

    1. Participation of the Department of Statistics in the development of theoretical-methodological and practical aspects of the formation of the modern model of the State Statistical Service in Azerbaijan;
    2. Preparation of economist-statistical staff capable of carrying out defined tasks related to strengthening of statistical system in the country;
    3. Research work of the Department of Statistics – study of theoretical and methodological issues of formation of the NGS in connection with the adaptation of statistical services to international standards.

    The introduction of international standards into the educational process and the necessary teaching and methodological resources have been developed directly by the teaching staff of the department of “Statistics” at the national level. These aids reflect the conceptual framework for bringing statistical service to international standards. Educational programs “International statistics”, “System of National Accounts” and large textbooks were published. Curricula, methodical aids and textbooks developed by the Department of Statistics are used in all public and private higher and secondary special schools of the Republic.

    In addition to the annual state budgetary research work, the department has performed 6 research activities on theoretical-methodological and practical issues of improving and adapting statistics to international standards by order of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    The department continued to write and publish textbooks, manuals and other teaching materials in accordance with modern requirements. 2 textbooks, – S. M Hajiyev “General Theory of Statistics”, Baku, 2005; S. M Yagubov, A. J Mammadov “Socio-economic statistics”, Baku, 2010; as well as 8 textbooks, 2 monographs, and numerous programs and methodical instructions have been published by the staff of the department.


Econometrics. The solution of urgent problems, such as the development and adoption of effective management decisions to ensure optimal management of the national economy and its fields, required the use of the latest achievements in cybernetics, mathematical methods and computational techniques. This demand led to the emergence of a new scientific direction – economic cybernetics.

In 1967, the department of Economic Cybernetics was established at  Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy. Since its inception, the department of Economic Cybernetics has been conducting a large-scale educational-methodical and research  work on the use of mathematical methods in the optimal management of various sectors of the national economy. One of the first computer centers in the Republic was established on the basis of the chair “Economic Cybernetics”. Currently, the department is called “Econometrics”. The first textbooks and manuals, methodical instructions in the republic on scientific directions were prepared by the members of the chair “Economic Cybernetics”. These books have played a major role in shaping the scientific knowledge of not only students, but also graduate students and teachers. The department provides high theoretical and professional training for bachelors and master students   degree in “Economic Cybernetics” for the Azerbaijani economy. The staff of the department possesses theoretical and practical knowledge to make managerial decisions on the optimal management of various economic systems. The department has achieved a number of successes in the provision of the educational process with subject programs, textbooks and teaching materials, curricula for all subjects have been developed and approved by the Ministry of Education. . The textbook “Econometrics” (2010, authors associate professor Y. I Hajizalov, Y. R Karimova, L. NHuseynova), “Mathematical programming” (2010, author A.H. Aliyev), Textbook “Optimal management of complex economic systems” (2015, author M.I.Mammadov), Methodical aid “Economic and mathematical models in EXCEL package” (2007, author S.A. Shabanov) were published.

The department carried out state budgetary research on “Modeling of economic and social processes” on the problem of “Defining optimal behavior and development strategies of economic systems in a market economy”.


The department carried out problem-solving research work on the theme “Development of Azerbaijan’s ICT and revenue forecasting models for the next 5 years”, which was submitted in the form of the state order and submitted the report to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies.


The academic staff:

*Doc.of.math.scien, prof. Ahmadov Natiq Qarakishi  (Head of Department) (0.5)
*Doc.of. Econ. Scien. , prof. Yaqubov Sakit Mammad (Vice Rector for Science and Innovation) (0.5)
*Doc.of. Econ. Scien. , prof, Sadigov Shahin Mustafa (0.25) (AR Cabinet of Ministers)
*Cand. of Econ. Scien, Assoc. Prof. Vusala Eynulla Teymurova
*Doc. of phys-math. Scien. Assoc. Prof. Almammadov Musa Samad (Honorary Professor of UNEC)
*Can. of Phys-math.scien. Assoc.Prof. Shikhlinskaya Gulnara Teymur
*Candidate of Econ. Scien., Assoc. Professor Tapdiq Guluzadeh Hasan
*Can. of Ped.Scien., Assoc. Prof. Zamanova Sevinj Azad
*Can. of Phys-math.scien. , Assoc.Prof. Aslanov Khaliq Mahar
*PhD in Math., Assoc. Prof. Akbarova Sevda Bakir
*Can. of Phys-math.scien. Assoc.Prof. Jafarova Saadat Arif
*Can. of Phys-math.scien. Assoc.Prof.. Sardarova Rita Amrah
*Can. of Phys-math.scien. Assoc.Prof.. Akhundova Parvana Elman
*Can. of Phys-math.scien. Assoc.Prof., Sevda Shahin Babakhanova (0.5)
*Can.of Tech.scien., Assoc.Prof. Mehdiev Mahir Aligulu (0.5)
*Can.of Tech.scien., Assoc.Prof., Mikayilov Nuru Aghabala (Rector Advisor) (0.25)
*Can.of Econ.scien., Assoc.Prof. Aliyev Ali Imash
*Can.of Econ.scien., Assoc.Prof. Jabbarova Aynur Imran
*Can.of Econ.scien., Assoc.Prof. Mammadov Mammad Ibrahim
*Can.of Econ.scien., Assoc.Prof. Dunyamaliyeva Vafa Rashid
*Can.of Econ.scien., Assoc.Prof. Husseinli Ilham Qasham
*Can.of Tech.scien., Assoc.Prof.,  Shabanov Sardar Ahmadi (0.5) [IAETI Senior Researcher]
*PhD in Econ., Assoc. Prof. Yusifov Yusif Khasay (0.5)
*Can.of Econ. Scien., Senior lecturer,  Hasanova Afat Mammadali
*Senior lecturer., Samadov  Bahruz Yaqub
* PhD in Math., sen.lecturer Hasanova Solmaz Adalat
*Senior lecturer., Kathanova Valida Isa
*Senior lecturer.,  Alakbarova Ilhama Tarvedi
*Senior lecturer.,  Husseinova Lala Ernest
*PhD in math.. Mammadova Afaq Faiq  (0.5)
*Can. of Phys-math.scien., sen / lec. Demirov Khanchoban Hasan (0,25)
*Lecturer Abbasova Gulnara Adil
*Lecturer Kalandarova Shahla Majnun (0.5)
*Lecturer Mammadova Haqiqat Rza (0.5)
*Lecturer Khalida Firdovsi Muradova
*Lecturer Babayeva Gulnara Agamusa
*Lecturer Abdullayeva Samira Intigam
*Lecturer Rustamov Elnur Shahismayil (0.5)
*Lecturer Huseynzade Chichak Chingiz (0.5)
* Lecturer  Mammadzade Guldana Sadi