Director: Professor Rzayev Orucali Huseyngulu 

Telephone: +(994) 24-22-5-30-56  


About the  Branch

The Zaqatala branch of Azerbaijan State University of Economics was established on the basis of  the Zaqatala branch of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in accordance with the decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on April 29 2016 targeted in ensuring the needs of regions in highly skilled personnel for their socio- economic development, expanding young people’s access to higher education on the majors they require, as well as increasing the efficiency of the use of material and technical and staff  potential of higher education institutions.

Opening of Zaqatala branch of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) took place on September 15.

There is a faculty and Zaqatala School of Economics in the branch. The head is Babek Aliyev. The department of “Economics and Management” was established within ZSE. Head of the department   is Associate Professor   S.Raziyev.

The head of the Zagartala branch of   UNEC is the professor Orucali Rzayev.

The deputy director of the Zagatala branch of UNEC is associate professor Hagigat Gadimova.

There is 1 faculty in the branch, Zagatala School of Economics. The head is Babek Aliyev. The department of “Economics and Management” was established within ZIM.

Head of the department Assoc. Safar Raziyev.

By the decision of the Scientific Council of UNEC dated 09.10.2019, Zaqatala School of Economics was established in the Zaqatala Branch of UNEC instead of the faculty of Economics.

ZSE is headed by Babek Aliyev.

ZSE   ensures the implementation of the UNEC regional mission of higher economic education, creates conditions for the formation of sustainable competitive advantages in the regional and global higher education space from the positive results of the University. It enables students to acquire higher economic education, systematic knowledge, skills and business management skills at the University, to develop the ability to research modern business information, to develop analytical thinking and decision-making skills, to be professionally prepared for various positions in enterprises and organizations.

ZSE  prepares professional economists with higher education in full-time and part-time education in the following specialties:

  • economy;
  • finance;
  • management;
  • marketing;
  • business management;
  • accounting and auditing;
  • organization of tourism work;
  • information technologies.

1035 full-time and part-time students study at ZSE.

There is one department, the department of Economics and Management and the Secretariat under ZSE.



Department of Economics and Management

According to the decision of the Scientific Council of UNEC dated 09.10.2019, the department of “General disciplines” of the branch was renamed the department of “Economics and Management”. The department is the main structural unit of ZSE.

The department is headed by the Assistant Professor Safar Rzayev.

The mission of methodological and scientific-research, scientific-pedagogical and scientific staff training is carried out by the department. In order to improve the quality of the educational process at the faculty and increase the efficiency of the department, 2 sections were established at the department:

-The section of “Economics and management “

-The section of “General disciplines”


The Secretariat manages quality organization of the educational process, adaptation of advanced and international standards to internship, organization of teaching, examination, control over the process of internship and administrative activity.

The Secretariat is the administrative structural unit of the faculty and is headed by the Secretary Aykhan Ahmadov from 21.01.2020.

ZSE  has 37 professors and 16 teaching assistants.

E-mail address of the faculty:*



Telephone: +(994) 24-22-5-21-57


Address: Zagatala city, Ahmad Rajabli street, 4.

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