UNEC Students visit the Heydar Aliyev Center (02.05.2017)
UNEC’s International Students watch the “Shot Monuments” (18.04.2017)
A Charity Campaign from UNEC Students: “Donate Blood, Keep Alive!” (17.04.2017)
Interuniversity Intellect Winners – UNEC Students (02.02.2017)
UNEC Women’s Council visited Baku “SOS Children’s Village” (14.09.2016) 

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The Play “Four Days of April” staged at UNEC

The play “Four Days of April” of Shusha State Musical Drama Theatre has been performed at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). The performance dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the occupation of Shusha city was about the 4-day prowess the Azerbaijan army demonstrated in fights. The Azerbaijani and Turkish poets’ poems were used within the 45- minute play. The stage work which is the Honored Artist Loghman Kerimov’s imagination is designed to instill patriotism among young people. The play was of particular interest to UNEC students.


UNEC Students visited Education Museum

Undergraduate students of the School of Commerce of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) visited the Museum of Education on February 1. Students became familiar with the documents, materials and photos reflecting the history of science and education. They viewed rare training materials, manuals and programs, technical and visual aids used by students and teachers in the educational process.

Students were delivered the information about the ancient “Goran-i-Karim”. The stand created for the philanthropist Haci Zeynelabidin Taghiyev was of great interest by the students.

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UNEC Staff celebrates Holiday with Elderly

The staff members and students of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) spent the last week-end of the year together with elderly people in Bilgah Boarding House for War and Labor Veterans.

Making a speech during the meeting held by the students’ initiative Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov congratulated the residents on the occasion of December 31 the Solidarity Day of the World’s Azerbaijanis and the New Year.

Members of the University’s Creative Center for residents and the members of the amateur circle of the Boarding House sang songs and demonstrated different musical performances. The elderly people introduced their paintings to UNEC representatives.

In the end, the elderly wished the students success in the winter exam session to begin soon.

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UNEC Students conduct training for pupils

The undergraduate students of the School of “Economics and Industry” majoring in “Ecology” conducted a workshop on “General Ecology” to school children studying in the secondary school 37 situated in N.Narimanov district. The seminar conducted by the ecological group students of the public association “Support to Economist Students” was of great interest by the pupils.

The contest related with the topic was also organized during the workshop. School children took active part in the competition.

Pupils’ questions on ecology were responded by the students.

Event was held by the teaching staff member of the Department “Protection of Environment” Afag Hajiyeva.

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Chess Tournament among the Faculties of UNEC finished

The final stage of the chess tournament held among the faculties of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) by the Student Trade Union Committee.

Winners of top 3 places were awarded diplomas. The winner of the place was awarded gifts. We are glad to introduce the winner teams:

I place – “Technology and Design”; II place – “International Economic Relations”; III place – “SABAH”

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UNEC’s Employees visited SOS Child Province

Members of the Women’s Board of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) visited SOS Child Province on the occasion of Gurban Holiday.

UNEC’s Associate Professor, Chairwoman of the Women’s Board on Sabail district NAP Tarana Kerimova congratulated the parents and their children who live there on the occasion of Gurban Holiday on behalf of the UNEC administration. She wished them success in their education and social life.

Then the residents of SOS Child Province were introduced holiday gifts.

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Winners of the Mini Football (30.03.2015)
Exhibition of Paintings dedicated to Novruz Holiday at ASUE (19.03.2015)
ASUE Employees visited War and Labor Veterans (17.03.2015)
A Memorial Tree to Victims of Khojali Tragedy at ASUE (25.02.2015)

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