Director of the Depart: Dr. of Econ. Professor. Zahid Farrukh Mamedov 

Telephone: +(994) 12 492-72-98 ; 492-58-31;
18-46 (1118)
e-mail: [email protected]

Department of Scientific Activity
Section of Elmmetrix
Section of Technology Transfer
Section  of Coordination and Organization of Research Centers


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The confidence to UNEC from the authoritative international scientific publication (19.04.2018)
The Novruz lectures at UNEC: “The enterpreuneurs should be involved in the discussion on the new standards in education”

The scientific seminar of young researchers of UNEC: “The modern problems of national economy”(05.03.2018)
The professor of Istanbul University: “The academic ethics of UNEC should be studied” (06.02.2018)
The scientific seminar of young researchers of UNEC: “The modern problems of national economy” (05.03.2018)
The scientific Conference at UNEC: “The Azerbaijan –Turkish diplomatic relations – 25” (08.11.2017)
Experts of the “Thomson Reuters” conduct training for UNEC’s research fellows (16.06.2017)
UNEC Professor made a speech in the Conference (15.05.2017)
The School for Young Scientists is to be established at UNEC (15.03.2017)
Prospects of Scientific Research Works discussed at UNEC (10.03.2017)
A Workshop in connection of Granting the Right to publish Educational Materials held at UNEC (02.03.2017)
“Differential Salary System increased scientific rivalry among the teachers” (17.02.2017)
“Thomson Reuter’s” Representative in the Faculty of Economics (08.02.2017)
Professor of Thailand University at UNEC (31.01.2017)
“Role of Universities in Innovative Economy” (27.01.2017)
A Scientific Workshop held at UNEC: “Azerbaijan’s Economy over the last year” (27.01.2017)
A Seminar held at UNEC: Development of Financial Services will provide the Sustainability of the Real Sector (18.01.2017)
The Trainee of “Thomson Reuters” Online-training was awarded a Certificate at UNEC (30.12.2016)

UNEC Representatives in Scientific Conference “Quality Assurance in Higher Education” (26.12.2016)
Results of the “Science Month” discussed on Radio UNEC
UNEC Scholars made speeches in the International Forum (29.11.2016)
A Conference held at UNEC: “Role of Scientific Publications in Scientific Activity of the University: Analysis and Assessment”:

A joint Conference to be held by UNEC and “Thomson Reuters” (22.11.2016)
“Science Days” were continued in the Zagatala Branch of UNEC (04.11.2016)
UNEC’s Graduate and Doctoral Students will get a chance of passing Internship in Poland (24.10.2016)
A Conference held at UNEC: “Role of Scientific Publications in Scientific Activity of the University: Analysis and Assessment” (21.10.2016)
Novelty at UNEC: “Science Month” (17.10.2016)
UNEC and the “Thomson Reuters” Relationship in a new stage (14.10.2016)
Foreign Visitors speak about the importance of the International Conference (29.09.2016)

First participants of the “Thomson Reuters” trainings are awarded Certificates (24.06.2016)
Georgy Tsagolov: “High- quality workforce is the foundation of successful economic reforms” (23.06.2016)
UNEC-də “Thomson Reuters”in “Web of Science” platformasının təlimlərinə start verilib (22.06.2016)
Training on “Web of Science” Certification Program will start at UNEC (09.06.2016)
A Conference at UNEC: “The Combination of Science and Education: Global Challenges and Local Opportunities” (07.06.2016)
Granting the right to publish teaching resources at UNEC are regulated in accordance with the international standards (01.06.2016)

UNEC academic staff members participate in the Republic Scientific Conference (26.05.2016)
UNEC Scholars make speeches in the scientific conference  (12.05.2016)
A Conference held for Young Researchers and Students of UNEC (04.05.2016)
Conference held at UNEC: “Multicultural Values and their Socio- economic Aspects in Azerbaijan” (07.04.2016)


About the Department for Organization and Management of Scientific activities

To ensure the implementation of the resolutions of the Scientific Council dated 27.02.2018 and 29.06.2018 on the improvement of the management process at UNEC the Science and Innovation Center and the Science Departments have been abolished and on their base was established the Department for Organization and Management of Scientific activities. The status of Technology Transfer Center has been changed and from 01.10.2018 year it has been called the Department of Technology Transfer and has been included in the department.

The Science used to function as the «Scientific-research» section. According to the order 595 of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated October 11, 1994, from February 1995 that Section was restructured under the name «Scientific-research Section» and beginning from 1997 continued its operation as the Science section.

Currently, scientific-research works are being undertaken at the University on 4 problematic subjects related to scientific-methodological aspects of a new socio-economic system:

  • Interpretation of the formation of a new economic relations in the country from theoretical-methodological view;
  • Issues related to the formation of socio-economic relations in the condition of market economy;
  • Issues related to the formation of a new scientific thoughts in the modern time;
  • Integrated introduction of economic-mathematical and technological problems.

The Azerbaijan State Economic University being the higher education institution in the field of economy with the largest pedagogical pool in the country is the strong scientific-research center.   In view of this, a lot of works have been undertaken in recent years in order to capitalize on that capacity to the maximum extend. Numerous priority directions have recently been determined in this direction. Followings can be cited among them:

  • Ensure integrated approach towards the process of creation of national schools of science in different fields of the economic science;
  • Achieve integrated link with the actual content among the triangular of science-education-economy;
  • Ensure turning of scientific activities into the social process, actively involving professors-teachers of the University in scientific-research works;
  • Broadly apply scientific achievements for developing modern directions of the economic science, improving professional training and ensuring sustainable progress of science;
  • Ensure effective application of modern scientific-innovative methods in the research process and education system;
  • Improve management of the scientific-research sphere of the University;
  • Determine complicated topics on scientific-methodological and scientific-technological profiles;
  • Achieve introduction of modern scientific experiences at the University, expanding cooperation with relevant bodies of universities from a number of countries of the world;
  • Strengthen material-technical framework of the science attracting financial resources through grants, state funds and self-sustaining contracts;
  • Support regular preparation, promotion of publications related to the economic science, organization of conferences, seminars and other scientific events;
  • Provide information consulting services to staff of the University for publishing their articles on journals of international.

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Iktisat bilim doktoru, professor Zahid Farruk Mamedovun seçmeli  ve önemli bilimsel  eserleri

Iktisat bilim doktoru, prof. ZAHID FƏRRUX OĞLU MƏMMƏDOV

ÖZGEÇMİŞ PROF. DR. Məmmədov Zahid



International Scientific Conference on “Stable development of economy: problems and perspectives” is to be held


In recent years, a number of scientific conferences and events have been held with the organizational support of the Science section. Following can be highlighted among them:

  • The scientific-research conference titled “Victory of the strategy of Heydar Aliyev: towards the prosperous future”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the National Leader of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev (2013);
  • II Eurasian Social Sciences Forum “New integration initiatives in Eurasia: current situation and expectations” (2013)
  • International symposium on “Development outlook of interest-free finance market in Azerbaijan” (2012)
  • Eurasian Social Sciences Forum on “Development paradigm of the global economy: market and thereafter” (2012)
  • V General Conference of the Federation of Universities of Islamic World of the Azerbaijan State Economic University (2010).
  • International scientific-research conference “Global financial crisis: Azerbaijan model of economic security and world experience” (2009).

The Science section carries out activities on three directions in order to increase and adjust quality of education to international standards, ensure close links between education and higher education institution’s science and further improve quality of scientific-research works:

  • Organize studying of scientific-research works of problematic character received as a request from ministries and state committees;
  • Organize translation of textbooks and training aids by staff of the University from foreign languages into Azerbaijani;
  • Prepare textbooks and training aids by staff of University

In the last five years (2006-2010), more than 60 textbooks and manuals taught at leading universities of the world and written by famous economist-scientists have been translated into Azerbaijani language, more than 500 textbooks and training aids, 30 monographs, up to 800 methodical instructions and programs have been prepared at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. Furthermore, more than 2820 articles of professors-teachers of the University have been published, of which more than 530 articles have been published on prestigious scientific publications of foreign countries. Following can be cited among them: “The journal of economic sciences: theory and practice”, “International Journal  оf Computer Science Issues”, “Journal of Contemporary Applied Mathematics”.

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