Head of the department: Doctor of physical sciences, Professor,  Rovnag Mirza oglu Rzayev

Address: Baku, H.Aliyev street, 135 (II academic building)
Phone: + (994) 12 564-67-36

e-mail: rovnaq.rzayev@unec.edu.az

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The Department of “Engineering and Applied Sciences” was established at the Faculty of “Engineering” by the order of the rector of UNEC dated October 13, 2020, No. 487/3/2020 and began its activity on October 19, 2020 in order to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the meeting of the Scientific Council of UNEC  No. SC-172 dated May 31, 2020 and No. SC-173 of the meeting  of September 14, 2020.

The departments of “Examination of consumer goods”“Standardization and certification”, “Technology of food products”,Technological machines and field equipment” and “Physics and chemistry” of the “Expertise and standardization”  faculty   were abolished and the faculty of “Engineering”, the department of “Engineering and applied sciences” were established.

Starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, the department offers bachelor’s degree programs in “Industrial Engineering”, “Materials Engineering”, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Environmental Engineering”, “Electrical and Electronics Engineering” and “Food Engineering”. As well as staff training is held  in II, III and IV courses of bachelors,  master’s  level of “Technological machinery and equipment engineering”, “Food engineering”, “Reproductive technology engineering”, “Consumer goods expertise and marketing” and “Metrology, standardization and certification engineering ”specialties.

Perfectly trained engineers manage the basic technologies of today’s modern world. From energy supply and transmission, medicine and healthcare to industrial applications, global trade, transport, communications, entertainment and security, every area of ​​our lives depends on electrical and electronic technologies.

By mastering this specialty, students will gain the extensive knowledge and skills needed to work in the technology sector, as well as the broader competencies required by a modern professional engineer.

In the teaching process, students can acquire basic engineering skills not only by attending lectures, but also by working together on specific projects. In addition to technical subjects, the program also includes social and communication subjects. Students will master subjects such as analogue and digital equipment, design and engineering. In addition, there is programming in the course!

In addition, in this major, along with the basic principles of technology, they get acquainted with new  equipment  and devices.  It provides extensive information on modern innovative technologies.

Students studying in the program can acquire a wide range of technical knowledge, as well as an interdisciplinary approach. During the internship, students have the opportunity to develop practical and professional qualities.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of these programs have excellent prospects as engineers or software and hardware designers, technical supervisors, and sales representatives. Thanks to the high technical skills acquired, as well as the ability to understand and analyse  problems and report results, they can have excellent career opportunities not only in our country, but also abroad in leading industries and leading public and private sectors in various fields of industry and agriculture.

The department consists of  an academic staff of 99 lecturers,   8 of them are doctors of sciences, professors, 57 candidates of sciences or doctors of philosophy in their specialty (1 professor, 43 associate professors, 10 senior  lecturer and 3 lecturers), 22 senior teachers without scientific degrees and 9 teachers. 3 of them are professor-consultants,  and  6 teaching assistants.

The department is headed by Doctor of Physical sciences, Professor, Rovnaq Mirza ogly Rzayev.

11 educational and methodical laboratories equipped with modern devices and equipment serve  the department:

– Laboratory of “Food Chemistry and Microbiology”;

– “Food technology” laboratory;

– “Ecology” laboratory;

– “Physics 1″ laboratory;

– “Physics 2″ laboratory;

– “Chemistry 1″ laboratory;

– “Chemistry 2″ laboratory;

– “Electronics” laboratory;

– “Electrical engineering” laboratory;

– “Materials Science” laboratory;

– “Machine and industrial engineering”  laboratory.

In the modern world, distance education by higher education institutions must consist of both theoretical and practical parts. Distance education provided by educational institutions should include not only teaching and methodological complexes for subjects (modules), but also software aimed at acquiring professional skills and habits. The best way to do this is through virtual labs modelled in a distance learning environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, distance education proved to be a non-alternative form of education in the world education system. To this end, distance education is already being successfully implemented at UNEC. Virtual laboratories have been established at the newly established department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and it is planned to create a database of virtual laboratories that will cover all specialties in the near future.

The department conducts budgetary scientific- research works in various areas. The scientific results obtained by the staff of the department have been published in numerous foreign and national publications, including foreign journals with an impact factor. Employees of the department have repeatedly participated in international and national conferences.

As a result, employees of the department always occupy a leading position in the rankings of the UNEC Differential Salary System. According to the results of the 2019/2020 academic year alone, more than 30 employees of the department were in the top 100 in the ranking table of the Differential Salary System.

The department maintains close scientific and practical relations with a number of different educational institutions and scientific centers of the Republic and other foreign countries.

The department also has a “Composite Materials” Scientific Research Center, established by the order of the Rector dated March 29, 2019, No. 188/3/2019. The center is headed by prof. R.M. Rzayev on public bases.  13 people (including 6 doctors of sciences, professors, 7 candidates of sciences, associate professors) work  at the research centre as researchers on a public basis. Agreements on scientific and technical cooperation have been signed with 6 different scientific-educational institutions of the republic – Institute of  Physics of ANAS, Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after academician Y.H. Mammadaliyev of ANAS, Institute of Polymer Materials of ANAS, High Technology Research Center under the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, as well as Scientific Research Laboratories at Baku State University and Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. This promotes for higher level of work.

Lectures, classes and laboratory classes on the subjects taught at the department at both bachelor’s and master’s levels are conducted at a high level with the application of modern teaching methods. Special attention is paid to the affairs in the direction of preparation of curricula, methodical instructions, textbooks and manuals on the taught subjects, involvement of new perspective youth in the department and assistance in gaining pedagogical experience, involvement of students in scientific-research work and supervision of this work, increasing the activity of the leaders chosen by the department to supervise and support students’ research work, in close cooperation with the Student Scientific Society.

Based on the UNEC 100 Development Strategy, the renewal of the strategic development of UNEC in terms of modern requirements, the measures to be taken in this direction in order to implement the goals, objectives and activities more quickly and efficiently are always in the center of attention.


Staff training in the following specialties is assigned to the department of “Engineering and Applied Sciences”: 

“Industrial Engineering”

“Materials engineering”

“Mechanical Engineering”

“Ecological engineering”

“Electrical and electronics engineering”

“Food Engineering”


Staff training in II, III and IV courses on “Technological machinery and equipment engineering”, “Food engineering”, “Reproductive goods technology engineering”, “Expertise and marketing of consumer products” is attached to the department of “Engineering and Applied Sciences”.


The academic  staff:

*Prof. Doc. of phys.Scien. Rzayev Rovnag Mirza (head of the department) (0.5)
*Prof. Cand.of Tech. Scien.. Huseynov Vakil Neymat
*Prof. Doc. of Tech.Scien. Farzaliyev Mazahir Hamza
*Prof. Doc. of Tech. Scien. Saidov Rasim Azim
*Prof.Doc. of Tech. Scien. Nuriyev Mahammadali Nuraddin
*Prof. Doc. of  Tech. Scien. Valiyev Fazil Ali
*Prof. Doc. of Phys.-Mathem.Scien. Babayeva Rena Fikret
*Prof. Doc. of phys. Scien. Tagiyev Mayil Masim
*Prof. Doc. of phys. Scien. Aslanov Zabit Yunus
*Assoc. Prof. PhD in biology Maharramova Mehriban Hamid
*Assoc. Prof.Cand. of Biolog.Scien.Mirzayev Garay Surkhay
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech. Scien. Huseynov Azer Adalat
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Chemical Scien. Mammadov Ogtay Akbar
*Assoc.Prof.  Cand.of Chemical Scien. Nagiyev Zardabi Murad
*Assoc. Prof.  Cand.of Tech.Scien.Nasirova Zemfira Hatamkhan
*Assoc.Prof.  PhD in Techn. Alverdiyeva Nazila Farman
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech.Scien. Abdullayeva Svetlana Idris
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech. Scien. Efendiyev Emin Musa
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech.Scien.Seydaliyev Ilham Mahammad
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Chemical Scien. Abbasbeyli  Gulnisa  Agagulu
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech.l Scien. Gurbanov Nusrat Heydar
*Assoc. prof.Cand. of Tech.Scien. Omarova Elza Madat
*Assoc. Prof. Cand.of Tech. Scien. Farzaliyev Elsevar Baba
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech. Scien. Rahimov Namig Karim
Assoc. Prof. Cand.of Biolog.Scien. Gurbanova Afila Ali
*Assoc.Prof. Cand.of Tech. Scien. Gadimova Natavan Safar
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Biological Scien.Akhundova Nazila Abdul
*Assoc. Prof. Ph.D in technology Huseynov Movlud Arastun
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Techn.Scien. Ismayil-zadeh Matanat Hamza
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Tech.Scien. Sultanov Elmar Chingiz
*Assoc. Prof.   Ph.D. in Physics Karimova Nurlana Karim
*Assoc. Prof.Cand. of Physical-math. Scien. Aslanov Mammad Samad
*Assoc. Prof. Cand.of Physical-math. Scien. Hasanov Nazim Eyvaz
*Assoc. Prof.Cand. of Physical-math. Scien. Jafarova Sevda Ziyad
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Physical-math. Scien. Akhundova Naila Mubi
*Assoc. Prof.Cand. of Chemical Scien. Hashimov Khalig Mammad
*Assoc. Prof.Cand. of Chemical Scien. Guliyeva Khalida Yadigar
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Physical-math. Scien. Gasimov Hasanali Bakhshali
*Assoc.Prof. Cand. of Tech. Scien. Osmanov Tofiq Ramazan
*Assoc.Prof. Cand. of Chemical Scien. Ibrahimova Durdana Abil
*Assoc.  Prof.  Ph.D. in Phys. Ahmadova Arzu Musa
*Assoc. Prof.PhD in Inf. Nasrullayeva Gunash Mazahir
*Assoc. Prof.  PhD in Inf. Dadashova Kamala Seyfulla
*Assoc. Prof.  PhD in Techn. Rajabov Ilgar Saleh
*Assoc.Prof. PhD in Biology Guliyeva Farida Rahib
*Assoc. Prof. PhD in Biology Guliyeva Lala  Vakil
*Assoc.Prof.  PhD in Techn. Jafarova Yegana Nuraddin
*Assoc. Prof.  PhD in Inform. Karimova Maya Javanshir
Assoc. Prof.Cand. of  Infor. Scien. Mammadova Nigar Oktay
*Assoc. Prof. Cand. of Techn. Scien. Isfandiyarov Sabir Huseynali  (0.5)
*Assoc.Prof. on replacement bases, Cand. of Techn.Scien.Samadov Elchin Alasgar  (0.5)
*Assoc. Prof. on replacement bases, PhD in Phys.Alakbarov Rahim Ibad (0.5)
*Assoc. Prof. on replacement bases,  PhD in Techn. Jafarov Elman Novruz   (0.5)
*Senior  PhD in Techn.Abbasova Sevinj Mahaddin
*Senior Lecturer  Ph.D.in Techn.Mammadov Azer Ismayil
*Senior Lecturer  PhD in Biology Babashli Aynur Amirkhan
*Senior lecturer  PhD in Techn.Kazimova Ilhama Huseyn
*Senior lecturer  PhD in Biology Yusifova Mehriban Rauf
*Senior lecturer  PhD in Biology Maharramova Sevinj Ismayil
*Senior lecturer Aliyeva Zanura Hasret
*Senior lecturer Musayeva Vusala Haji
*Senior lecturer Jafarova Afat  Mastan
*Senior lecturer Guliyeva Sanubar Abdulla
*Senior lecturer Jabbarova Ganira Zargar
*Senior lecturer Allahverdiyeva Ilhama Fakhraddin
*Senior lecturer Hasanova Aynura Fakhraddin
*Senior lecturer Neymatova Ulker Vagif
*Senior lecturer Hasanova Gulnaz Gulaga
*Senior lecturer Ahmadova Sevda Omar
*Senior lecturer Manafova Shafa Shahid
*Senior lecturer Huseynova Aynura Yadigar
*Senior lecturer Imanova Gultekin Musa
*Senior lecturer Zeynalova Mehriban Suleyman
*Senior lecturer Gafarova Naila Adil
*Senior lecturer Bakhtiyarova Sevda Heydar
*Senior Lecturer  Cand.of geology and mineralogy Mammadov Vidadi Sabir
*Senior lecturer Cand. of Techn.Scien. Safarova Tarana Gasim
*Senior lecturer Novruzova Ulduza Jumshud
*Senior lecturer Aliyeva Matanat Aziz
*Senior lecturer Cand. of geology and mineralogy Mammadov Vidadi Sabir
*Senior lecturer Cand. of Techn. Scien.Safarova Tarana Gasim
*Senior lecturer Novruzova Ulduza Jumshud
*Senior lecturer Aliyeva Matanat Aziz
*Senior Lecturer Suleymanova Adila Yemilyan
*Senior lecturer Maharramova Samira Sabir   (0,75)
*Senior lecturer Huseynova Yazgullu Suleyman  (0.5)
*PhD in Phys. Senior lecturer on replacement bases Nagiyev Tural Gulu (0.5)
*Senior lecturer on replacement bases Amiraslanova Lala Tapdiq  (0.5)
*PhD in Techn. Lecturer  Mammadova Gulnara Ali
*PhD in Techn. Lecturer  Rahimova Konul Elburus
*PhD in Mathem. Lecturer  Mustafayeva Esmira Musaifovna
*Senior / lecturer. Ahmadova Sevda Omar

*Lecturer Abdullayeva Sevinj Museyib
*Lecturer Abbasova Sevda Elbrus
*Lecturer Mahmudova Nigar Rasul
*Lecturer Huseynzade Elnur Maqsad
*Lecturer Islamov Fuad Ahmadaga
*Lecturer Akbarova Farida Akif
*Lecturer Mustafayeva Kamala Asgar
*Assis Musayeva Gariba Teymurkhan


Consulting – professors

*Mammadov Nariman Rahim – Prof. Doc. of phys. Scien.
*Goyushov Rovshan Jahandar – Assoc. Prof.Cand. of Chemical Scien.
*Hasanov Ali Panah – Assoc.Prof.  Cand. of Technical Scien.