Director of the Department: Dr. of Econ. Prof. Zahid Farrukh Mammadov

  +(994) 12 492-58-31


 – UNEC Scientific Council’s member
– Member of the advisory public body of UNEC Scientific Council  –  – Training Methodological Board
– Member of the Dissertation Board D 02.051 under UNEC
– Member of the Scientific workshop under the UNEC Dissertation Board D 02.051
– Member of the disciplinary commission of UNEC
– Member of the School of Finance Scientific Council



1988 Graduated from Baku branch of Leningrad Financial Economics Institute, the department of “Finance- Credit” with Honored diploma.
1990 Entered to the post graduate degree of “Money turnover and banking” chair of Saint-Petersburg State University of Financial Economics.
1993 In 1993, defending his candidate dissertation on “Main tendencies of credit system development in Turkey”, he earned the title of candidate of economic sciences according to the Order of the qualified Council acting within University ( finance, money turnover and credit password).
1994 He entered to the PhD level on Banking specialty in Marmara University of Turkish Republic.
1998 Earned doctorate level diploma on banking and finance sciences according to the Order of Commission on doctorate dissertation on Banking and finance specialty in Marmara University in Turkish Republic.
2001 According to the Order of Supreme Attestation Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he earned the title of associate professor.
2003-2006 Studied at the doctorate level in Saint- Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics.
2006 Defended doctorate dissertation on “Finance, money turnover and credit” 08.00.10 at St.Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics
2007 Earned the title of doctor on economic sciences according to the Order of Supreme Attestation Committee of Russian Federation.
2008 Received the title of Doctor of sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan after attestation by Supreme Attestation Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
2012 Earned the title of professor by Supreme Attestation Commission Under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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1998 Started working as junior expert at Leningrad Financial Economics Institute according to 585 appointment of the Ministry of Education of RSFSR
1993-1994 Appointed as lector to the Saint Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics and deputy director to the Deposit Clearing Trust Center of Saint Petersburg Stock Market.
1994-2001 He had been working as senior lector at “Banking” chair of Azerbaijan State Economics University.
2001-2011 He had been working as associate professor at “Banking” chair of Azerbaijan State Economics University. Besides, he had been working as financial advisor of chairman at several major companies and holdings.
2011-2013 He had been working as professor at “Banking” chair of Azerbaijan State Economics University.
02.07.2013-02.2016 Mr.Mammadov had been appointed chairman to the “Banking” chair of Azerbaijan State Economics University.

He is the Head of Science Department, of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

The individual member of the Trade Union of the Mass Media Employees Mammadov Zahid Farrukh has been presented the award “Golden Pen”. Mammadov Zahid Farrukh was awarded the I level order for his scientific contributions by the decision (06.12.2010) of the Academic Board of Saint Petersburg Academy of Economics and Management.


He is cirrently an instuctor of the department of “Finance and accounting”  

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He is the member for the Board of dissertational works established to get the scientific degree of the Candidate of Economy in Azerbaijan State Economic University since 2000, later the member for the Board of dissertational works established to get the scientific degree of the Doctor of Economy.

On December 12 2006 he was awarded with the diploma (for his original speech) for the report on “infectious nature of banking crisis” at the conference held by Saint Petersburg Head Office of the Central Bank of Russian Federation and Russian Association of Banks.

On 4-6 April 2007 he had taken a part in the XVIII Congress of the Russian Association of Banks and his interview about the banking system in Azerbaijan was published in the journal “Национальный банковский журнал” of the Association.

He was appointed the coordinator for the working group consist of the scientists by the order (N16) on 29.01.2009 of the Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

Later he was appointed member for the council of problem in economy by the decision N6/4 on 22 December 2009 of the Republican Organization and Coordination Council of Research works.

Z.F.Mammadov is the member for international scientific council of the journal “Öngörü” which is the broadcasting body of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies and member for the editorial board of the international scientific publication “Вестник Финансовой Академии» of the Financial Academy under the Government of RF.

He often takes part as an expert in different TV programs on economic policy conducted by Azerbaijan Government.

He was appointed member of the expert council on Economic Studies according to the specialty code 08.00.10 – Finance, Money Turnover, Credit” by the decision (minutes N10-R) 30. 05. 2008 of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, re-appointed for the member on 06.02.2009 (protocol N02-R) and appointed Deputy Chairman of the expert council by the decision on 19.02.2010 (protocol N04-R) of the Presidium of HAC.

He was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 27.09.2011 by the order N11927.

Z.Mammadov was awarded badge of the “leading person of education of the Republic of Azerbaijan” by the Ministry of Education on the occasion of his 50th Birthday’s Anniversary and for his efficient scientific- pedagogical activity in preparation of highly skilled guided by paragraphs 8.43 and 13.5 of the Ministry of Education’s Statue of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Head of the Department of “Banking” Doctor of Economy, Professor Zahid Farrukh Mammadov was elected the member of Новая экономическая ассоциация (НЭА) (New Economic Association).

He is also the member of the commission established to provide the execution of the “Decision on the Application of Differential Salary System based on Professional Performances of the Academic Staff of Azerbaijan State University of Economics” adopted by the Academic Board’s decision №ES-140 of Azerbaijan State University of Economics on 18.09.2015.

On September 24, 2020, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics and for his services to the development of education in Azerbaijan, Mammadov Zahid Farrukh oglu was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Teacher” of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 24, 2020, he was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Teacher” on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Azerbaijan State University of Economics and for his services to the development of education in Azerbaijan.



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Professor, Dr. of Economy Zahid Farrukh Mammadov’s social and scientific activities


He is the author of 12 tutorials and training aids, 25 monographs, 2 literary publicist books, 5 methodological manuals, 5 syllabuses, more than 100 articles in the International publications recommended by the SAC of Russian Federation.

List of Scientific works

List of scientific- methodological works published in 2013 
List of scientific- methodological works published in 2014/2015
List of scientific works published abroad 
Russian researchers’ results on the published works 
Short content of the articles published abroad

E-version of the scientific works


1. “Bank fəaliyyətinin əsasları”, 2013
2. “Beynəlxalq valyuta-kredit münasibətləri və xarici ölkələrin pul-kredit sistemi”, 2012
3. “Pul, kredit, banklar”, 2010
4. “Pul, kredit və banklar”, Suallara cavab
5. “Деньги, кредит, банки”

Articles published in scientific journals of international importance:

“Посткризисная модернизация банковской системы Турции”
“Вестник финансовой академии” №1 (55) 2010 г.
“Реформирование банковского сектора Турции после кризиса 2001 года”
“Особенности деятельности центрального банка Азербайджана”

Books published under the scientific editorship

“Maliyyə böhranı və antiböhran idarəetmə siyasəti”
“Maliyyə böhranı: tarix, nəzəriyyə və antiböhran siyasət”, 2012


 Reports in the International Conferences and Symposiums

Beynəlxalq elmi-praktik konfransların materialları
Международная научно-практическая конференция “ИНФОГЭО 2013″
Научно-практическая конференция “Системный анализ в экономике 2012″
Круглый стол. “Эффективное государственное управление в условиях инновационной экономики”

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 UNEC’s New Projects were discussed lively on İTV – VİDEO (27.10.2016)

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